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How to Prepare for a Stress Free House Move, A Step-by-step Guide

How to Prepare for a Stress Free House Move, A Step-by-step Guide. Moving house can be one of life’s most stressful events, but with the right planning and preparation, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your house move is as stress-free as possible:

Weeks 6-8 before Move:

  • Inventory Assessment: A professional estimator from Movers and Truck Pro will discuss on the phone or visit your home to conduct a detailed inventory of items to be moved, ensuring an accurate and transparent quote.
  • Customized Moving Strategy: Based on the inventory and your specific needs, we will create a tailored moving plan, including packing, loading, transportation, and unloading steps.
  • Supplies Delivery: If required by customer, provide high-quality moving boxes, tape, and packing materials for any items chosen to pack.

Weeks 4-5 Before Move:

  • Packing Service (if applicable): Begin packing non-essential items and decluttering. If you’ve opted for our full-service packing, our team will schedule a day to start the packing process.
  • Special Arrangements: Confirm any special arrangements for large, heavy, or delicate items such as pianos, antiques, or artwork.

Week 3 before Move:

  • Utilities and Services: Reminder to arrange for the transfer of utilities and cancel or set up new services (internet, cable, etc.).
  • Change of Address: Remind you to complete a change of address with the postal service and update important contacts.

Week 2 before Move:

  • Final Packing: If packing independently, finish packing all items except essentials. Our team will touch base to confirm final moving day details.

Week 1 before Move:

  • Pre-Move Checklist: We will provide a pre-move checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked, including setting aside essentials for moving day.

Moving Day

  • Morning Arrival: Our moving team will arrive at the scheduled time, perform a quick walkthrough to understand the layout and any last-minute instructions.
  • Protection Measures: Lay down floor runners and wall protectors to prevent damage.
  • Loading: Begin loading belongings onto the truck, ensuring items are secured and protected.
  • Final Walkthrough: Conduct a final walkthrough of your old home to ensure nothing is left behind.
  • Transportation: The moving truck will depart for your new home, with real-time updates provided upon request.


  • Unloading: Upon arrival at your new home, items will be unloaded and placed in the designated rooms according to your instructions.
  • Unpacking Services (if applicable): If you’ve selected unpacking services, our team will begin to unpack and dispose of packing materials.
  • Post-Move Survey: After the move is complete, we will provide a survey to gather feedback on your experience with Movers and Truck Pro.
  • Follow-Up: Our customer service team will follow up within a week to ensure your satisfaction and address any concerns.

Additional Services Offered:

  • Storage solutions
  • Special item moving services
  • Cleaning services for your old or new home

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How to Prepare for a Stress Free House Move, A Step-by-Step Guide

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