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Understanding the Average Cost of Local Moves in Saskatoon

Understanding the Average Cost of Local Moves in Saskatoon

Moving can be an exciting chapter in your life, whether you’re transitioning to a larger home to accommodate a growing family or downsizing for a cozier lifestyle in retirement. However, amidst the excitement, the process can also bring financial anxiety—especially when trying to budget the costs involved. As a longtime resident of Saskatoon who has moved several times within the city, I’ve gathered insights and tips that can help demystify the cost of moving locally.

What Factors Influence Moving Costs

Size of the Move

Understanding the Average Cost of Local Moves in Saskatoon – The size of your move significantly impacts the cost. Generally, the more bedrooms you have, the higher the cost due to more furniture and belongings to transport. For instance, moving out of a 1-bedroom apartment might cost significantly less than moving from a 3-bedroom house simply due to the volume of items.

Distance of the Move

While all moves within Saskatoon might be considered local, the actual distance between your old and new home can affect the final price. Most local movers charge by the hour, so the longer it takes to get from point A to point B, the more hours you’ll be paying for.

Season and Timing

Timing can also play a crucial role in how much you end up paying. Moving during the busy season—typically from May through September—can drive up prices due to higher demand. Similarly, weekends and the end of the month are peak times because that’s when most lease agreements turn over.

What Additional Services Influence Moving Costs

Packing and Unpacking Services

Packing services are a godsend if you’re short on time or just want to ensure your belongings are professionally packed. However, they do add a significant amount to your moving budget. On the flip side, unpacking services can also increase costs but offer convenience and a quicker settlement into your new home.

Special Items

During one of my moves, I had to transport a family heirloom—a grand piano—which required special handling and added to the cost. Movers often charge extra for bulky or delicate items that require special equipment or extra care.

Storage Solutions

Sometimes, there’s a gap between when you have to move out of your old home and can move into your new one. In such cases, storage becomes essential. Depending on how long your items need to be stored, this can add a moderate to significant fee to your total moving cost.

Labor Costs

Hourly Rates vs. Fixed Rates

Most local movers charge by the hour. This rate usually includes a truck and a couple of movers. The more helpers you need, the higher the hourly rate climbs, but the faster your move goes. Knowing how many movers you need can be tricky, but a good rule of thumb is one mover per room in your house, although this can vary based on the amount and weight of your belongings.

Insurance and Liability Coverage

Types of Insurance

When moving, you’re not just transferring your belongings; you’re moving your life. Therefore, considering insurance is crucial. Basic mover’s insurance might cover only a minimal amount per pound of goods, which might not be enough for valuable items. Comprehensive coverage, while more expensive, can provide peace of mind knowing that your possessions are protected.

Tips to Reduce Moving Costs

Booking in Advance

One of my key strategies has always been to book movers well in advance. This not only secures you a spot but can also lock in a lower rate, as last-minute bookings can be pricier.


Every move I’ve undertaken has been an opportunity to declutter. Selling or donating items not only simplifies your move but also reduces the load, potentially lowering your moving costs.

Comparison Shopping

Don’t settle for the first quote you receive. Get at least three estimates from reputable companies to ensure you’re getting competitive and fair pricing.


Understanding the ins and outs of local moving costs can make the difference between a stressful relocation and a smooth one. By considering the factors outlined above, you can plan your move within Saskatoon without any financial surprises.

Ready to Plan your Move in Saskatoon

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